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Abigail Rist


Email: Abigailrist@gmail.com


 Artist Bio:

Abigail Rist is a Michigan born and raised artist and designer who graduated from College for Creative Studies in 2012 with a BFA in fibers and metals. She is an avant-garde artist that creates wearable art that is, elegant, inspiring and one of a kind. Abigail is the creator of Haute Cloth; she is a beauty consultant that offers artesian makeup, styling, fashion design and costume services.  Her work has been showcased locally and across the country in various fashion shows, gallery exhibitions, runway productions, editorial photo shoots and artistic publications. She began her career by offering creative services as a freelancer in Detroit, where she immersed herself in the eclectic artist community. Abigail is innovative and works with found objects and unconventional materials to create cohesive, wearable works that represent her unique Green perspective. She dreams up new ways and imagines the endless potential of all materials rather than adhering to the limitations of the objects original intent. Through her designs she demonstrates her commitment to working as environmentally conscious as possible. Through the use of upcycling or creative reuse, she constructs unique garments using sustainable materials, most often repurposing unconventional, second hand and vintage treasures. She passionately rescues outdated, damaged or discarded items given to her before they end up in landfills. She breathes life back into the corpses of long forgotten cloth.

Larkmoor Collection Description:

Abigail is able to create one of a kind couture looks, with hand stitching and draping silhouettes that embody the era of timeless glamour and modern form. She has shaped her Capsule Collection and affectionately named Larkmoor, after the street where she grew up. The Larkmoor Collection embodies the ethos of an ecofriendly philosophy. The  Larkmoor collection combines the whimsical element of childhood dressup, imagination, and fantasy inspired by vintage glamour and romanticism. The French fabric that is intermingled throughout the collection, through the color palettes and it’s distinct Floral array helped shape the collection. These pieces were transformed from vintage curtain remnants. Showcasing her use of materials and skillful design Abigail is able to create a sustainable and eco conscious collection, by pushing design boundaries back in time and creating a truly unique line with a green perspective.

Abigail is currently she is based in Michigan but is available to travel for work works nationally and internationally. In front of the camera or behind the scenes Abigail excels. As a designer and conceptual artist she is beyond capable of working in multiple medias. Abigail infuses her work with an innovative perspective pulling from her various crafts she reworks how they entertwine. Abigail finds ways to create beauty she nourishes aspects of design and artistry that often would otherwise go over looked. She is currently available to work for hire as as stylist, makeup artist, costumer, character designer, conceptual artist, graphic designer, creative consulting, innovation design, gallery showcase, runway showcase, branding and fashion consultant, wedding and special events, modeling, production and set design. Able to create in many facets she is considered a queen of all trades. she is currently building her personal brand and creating a sustainable line of clothing, home goods and heath beauty products which will be available for purchase in the following season. 

  Freelance Collaborations include:

  • MUA, Hairstylist -Terri Wyble- Photoshoot Lookbook NOLA

  • MUA, Stylist JR JR - Simple Girl

  • Assistant stylist- Duchess of Black Ink- VH1 production/Inked Magazine

  • MUA for live stage performance - Jennie Vee Eagles of Death Metal

  • MUA for band photos- Jessica Hernandez of the Deltas

  • Joe Gall - Camera Jesus photography

  • RUNWAY/MUA- peace.love.spandex - Angela Mcbride

  • 1x Run photos-Jade Lauren photography

  • Photo series -Esther of rubyanphoto.com

  • Photoshoot-Aptemal clothing- Detroit Hustles Harder

  • MUA, Hair, Stying-Waking with Wonder Woman

  • MUA-Jessica Ashley-Play boy playmate of the year 2014

  • Metrotimes- Cover publication

  • RUNWAY-Eastern Market After Dark

  • William and bonnie- sustainable fashion showcase

  • Lisa spindler studio - gallery showing

Abigail is a Michigan born artist possessing a wide range of skills.  After graduating from College For Creative Studies with a BFA she went on to work at a national level. collaborating and expanding she went to work in New York at an accessory design firm. during this time she freelanced as a stylist for various productions. including VH1, Inked magazine, and A theatrical production of a nightmare before Christmas. she collaborated with a wide variety of talents including Playground Detroit and volunteered Marthas vineyard fashion week and evolver magazine.  She followed her passion across the east coast and eventually traveled to find work in New Orleans as a stylist, jewelry maker and makeup artist. While in New Orleans Abigail worked with an arts as healing non profit organization Mos Chukma working in the classroom with children and assisting the director with any and all aspects of the business including, graphic design for informative materials, brochures, powerpoint and web design.  Through this work she was able to assist in successfully sending the organizations leader Amelie to Hawaii to present the work and information to the World indigenous peoples conference.    

Abigail has been working and traveling internationally before returning to her hometown roots in Michigan reconnecting with her love of family and community. She is currently teaching art classes specializing in fiber, textiles and up cycled materials. The variety of materials, processes and mediums working with a with a full range of age groups from pre-k - senior citizen. She has given her passion for art and design to countless others. this as allowed her the space to explore and evolve as a teacher and as an artist. She thrives in covering a variety of disciplines but especially her 4th grade Fashion sewing and accessory design class. She is currently teaching at the BBAC.

as a freelance artist she is currently offering makeup and styling services. Using her keen eye for she is able to produce designs thats can feel soft and others striking. Creating a broad spectrum appearances by balancing aesthetically pleasing elements of design. From gore and syfy to eloquent and ethereal.  Abigail pushes herself  and her art beyond the limit she is constantly is learning new techniques.

Abigail has been working as a stylist and Mua for over a decade her looks are well thought out curated and her expertise shows. Her work has graced all elements of production and while working any role on a set is no daunting task for Abigail. She moves easily between the variety of tasks needed for the work to be accomplished.  From modeling to set design to sewing couture to welding and metal work there is nothing Abigail cannot accomplish, truly a rennisance woman. She shines along with her ethereal  designs and an industrial flare. Her work has been featured in editorial photographs,   print, the lights of runway, digital art,  short films,  music videos, and a variety of  gallery showcases. 

 Abigail always had a passion for art from a young age making costumes and clothing out of the old curtains and scraps of fabric. By the time she could hold a paint brush she was constantly creating art, always mixing colors to find the perfect hue. Abigail is an avid lover of nature and animals, she believes strongly in eco-sustainability  and uses up cycled, repurposed and green materials materials as her inspiration for her creations. She has participated in sustainable fashion lectures and showcases. She hopes to help others in recognizing that mindfulness has the power to transform. She can take something like wires, decaying plant matter or fabric waste and truly turn it into something beautiful.  Love is her greatest motivation in life she brings it to every project no matter the scale treating each detail with passion and grace. Her love of her craft combined with her conviction to creating a dialouge around sustainable and eco friendly processes and materials is propelled by the subject held most dear to her heart. The importance of the planet and our role in the ecosystem.  She acknowledges the importance of each individuals role in ecocycles and the carbon footprint. Hoping that her impact on the world and the future of our planet is positive and beneficial. By building our future making a change no matter how small, impacts our lives and the lives of the animals and plants that we share this world with hopeful there can be a symbiosis.